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Finally figured out the cover to my mixtape 😂 that shit harder than actually makin the music #TomorrowNeverDies
12th August, 2017 #TomorrowNeverDies
I have "Surrender" by @kdlang stuck in my head today. I don't mind that at all. #tomorrowneverdies
11th August, 2017 #tomorrowneverdies
#TomorrowNeverDies is now on cassette tape and CD ROM pre order and ill ship it to where ever you at
10th August, 2017 #TomorrowNeverDies
@pennyb @mikeallen until we die from a fiery toxic blast or a wide-scale epidemic, yeah #tomorrowneverdies, right?
9th August, 2017 #tomorrowneverdies
@SherylCrow's Bond theme has always been a fav of mine. Still sounds like a bitch to sing tho. #TomorrowNeverDies
8th August, 2017 #TomorrowNeverDies