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@JamesBondingPOD , finally spotted @GerardButler in #tomorrowneverdies, looking forward to Tues, this is better than Gourley gives credit
15th September, 2017 #tomorrowneverdies
@Acosta Feel like we are living in the James Bond movie where someone creates their own news to control media & cre…
11th September, 2017
@DolbyCinema Then you you ripped off #JamesBond #TomorrowNeverDies with the Solar Ray that can destroy things. It even rips off #Goldeneye.
10th September, 2017 #JamesBond, #TomorrowNeverDies
@colinb70 She did one of the most perfect BondJamesBond songs: 'Surrender' from #TomorrowNeverDies. Stupidly relegated to the end credits.
10th September, 2017 #TomorrowNeverDies