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#FBF: The Grand Treasure Hunt - Episodes 1 & 2 🙌 Just made a short montage for @PierreGaslyFr1. Hope you enjoy it!…
18th May, 2018
@ToroRosso All the best Fausto & Bruno. Thanks to your resilience, strength, determination, commitment and love for #BestTeam = #ToroRosso 😊
18th May, 2018 #ToroRosso
I wonder what hardcore Red Bull, Ricciardo, and Verstappen fans think of the potential for a RBR-Honda partnership…
17th May, 2018
So @ToroRosso, any chance of you guys letting me know where I can buy this awesome @PierreGASLY cap? #Ineedone
16th May, 2018