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Oh my. Where are the men? Yes, males and females are socialized differently. If not then no Dysphoria or fetish.…
19th September, 2017
#TransLogic: #Delusions! Women who know & speak facts are NOT responsible for violence against trans & you know it!…
17th September, 2017
#TransLogic: Fails to name men for the blame of men killing trans, fails to name male violence, + blames women for…
17th September, 2017
#TransLogic: Women joking about Men's dicks deserve physical violence. aka "she deserved it".
17th September, 2017
#TransLogic: Man can't define sex male, female, woman & claims he debates "masterfully". #delusionsofgrandeur
17th September, 2017
#TransLogic: Man mansplains he's a "woman" & claims women who know he's not are on. "wrong side of history". 😂😂😂
13th September, 2017
@mdbarba @sfexaminer But since any dick can say he's a Female/Woman - and there IS no definition, it doesn't really…
11th September, 2017