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I need to spend tens of thousands creating a fake vagina. You cis people are so obsessed with genitals. #translogic
29th November, 2017 #translogic
Gender is an internal feeling. Also: I need extensive plastic surgery and drug injections to impersonate stereotype…
28th November, 2017
@fuckmisogynists Transports are ports, because ports get stuff transported to/from them. Come on, makes more sense than #translogic...
26th November, 2017 #translogic
#translogic Linking the female act of menstruating to womanhood is not only transphobic but perverse as it doesn't…
23rd November, 2017 #translogic
@TerrorizerMir Also, it seems that gender identity can't change but at the same time is fluid #translogic
21st November, 2017 #translogic