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@Channel4 @BegumNadiya My donation wouldnt begin 2 stop cancer but if WM redirected proposed £160B #Trident renewal, that might go some way?
22nd October, 2016 #Trident
#Dreadnought 1906 was obsolete by 1916, Dreadnought 1963 has been tied up at Rosyth since 1980. Appropriate name fo…
22nd October, 2016
We have #Trident, but that didny stop Russia sailing a flotilla right down the middle of the English Channel!
22nd October, 2016 #Trident
If UK public really want to #StandUpToCancer then demand @Number10gov cancels £40bn #Trident nuclear missle program & divert money to cure!!
21st October, 2016 #Trident
how about the government get rid of #trident and give more money to the research of cancer #StandUpToCancer
21st October, 2016 #trident