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"Holy megabytes!" The references in Dexter's Laboratory are far funnier now that I'm 25 years old.…
21st February, 2017
Simplistic storyline, with philosophy & ideas about computers long before it was popular to think of them w/ heart, mind & feelings...#Tron
20th February, 2017 #Tron
Ram needs a tv show, a movie of his own or just the ability for more to understand how awesome he actually is! #Tron
20th February, 2017 #Tron
I know it's iconic but a modernized (current CGI) version of Original Tron would be awesome! #Tron
20th February, 2017 #Tron
I need me lil baby who gone listen🔈🤔#tron
20th February, 2017 #tron