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An ultra-rare 'all black great tit bird' has been found for the first time in #Japan, the National Museum of Nature… https://t.co/4VQACf1lup
20th November, 2017 #Japan
Scientists excited by sighting of 1st black great tit in Japan:The Asahi Shimbun https://t.co/VvccsXSUsl #japannewshttps://t.co/ISfPb7Yjju
20th November, 2017
Cold morning light through the curtains of a business hotel rom ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #tsukuba #hotelhttps://t.co/7cJjSbkHpy
20th November, 2017 #tsukuba
Thought to be extinct for almost 8 decades, a rare ("shimakumokiriso" or "Liparis hostifolia") orchid species, indi… https://t.co/HhuwLS8m45
19th November, 2017