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I b realllll low when it's cold out lmao ion fuck w it #tucked
17th November, 2017 #tucked
@christyNHC You're a hypocrite, you only care about political feminism. You should be embarrassed to even open your… https://t.co/JmWryPpt7a
16th November, 2017
@TuckerCarlson You're guest is a out of line ! Robert Zimmerman, Why wont you answer any of Tuckers questions! Yo… https://t.co/ZhTcH7zR5x
16th November, 2017
@HaggarCo the new waiste band grips in ur dress pants for keeping your shirt tucked in, is the most amazing thing ever! #tucked #gripit
15th November, 2017 #tucked