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The Tucker’s Clucker fried chicken sandwich... @RedBirdFarms chicken, lightly breaded and seasoned in-house, fried… https://t.co/QWxNO8amoI
20th May, 2018
Nothing makes my Sunday better than some biscuits and gravy. #tuckers
20th May, 2018 #tuckers
Damn, poor Pat Davis, nothing like getting a verbal ass whoopin on #Tuckers show tonight! 🤣🤣🤣Pat Davis needs to br… https://t.co/z4cvy7C0Nr
16th May, 2018 #Tuckers
We at Tucker’s are making the IMPOSSIBLE possible! Starting TODAY, a meaty burger made directly from plants! The… https://t.co/oavNKFdFKw
14th May, 2018