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@DECKED Cool concept, but very limited. How about a one drawer system that only uses half the bed space. Enabling f… https://t.co/quqeVS1Py8
21st March, 2019
Ok, so we are having a strong "discussion" again. Heres the deal...would you take a fully kitted out #Tundrahttps://t.co/yfVNB2O6pF
21st March, 2019 #Tundra
Truck owners... top or bottom? We know you work hard all day! We're just trying to make your life a little bit easi… https://t.co/1MWX0R0fXR
21st March, 2019
Hey, can someone let @jkenney know@I’ve got a truck too? Mines a @ToyotaCanada #tundra though, and I would put it u… https://t.co/5wQ20bG5gr
21st March, 2019 #tundra
The #Tundra is built to be as tough as they come, but sometimes a Tundra needs to have some shenanigans by the… https://t.co/xvTIjzmnXz
20th March, 2019 #Tundra