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I Sold 57 SAAB TURBO'S Between 1979 & 1983! SAAB 99's & 900's! More #turbos Than Any Car Salesman's Ever Sold In SUNDERLAND! @davidallencars
22nd February, 2017 #turbos
#turbos Are All About Educating The Public? There Is A Lot Of Mystery Surrounding A TURBO? Check Out Your Insurance Policy For Small Print??
22nd February, 2017 #turbos
#turbos Are Governed For Their Speed To 6000 RPM Beause At That Speed The Turbos Doing 100,000 RPM? If It Blows Up? Spectacular! DCR ALLEN!
22nd February, 2017 #turbos
If you look for it, I have a feeling you'll find that #TURBOS, actually, are all around. Even in your kids programm… https://t.co/teo0QMGW07
22nd February, 2017 #TURBOS