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Crazy how broken multiplayer is for 90% of games nowadays #Turn10 #Forza7 - it’s like the current standard for most developers 🙄🙄🙄🙄
10th December, 2017 #Turn10
When you’re having an incredible race for 3rd and then some cunt stabber takes you out and you finish 9th. What coc… https://t.co/CwdV9HYAn4
10th December, 2017
Be nice if there was a spectator mode to watch online races whilst I wait an eternity 🙄 #forza7 #turn10
8th December, 2017 #turn10
@ForzaMotorsport How dare I change the tune on my car...with only 30 sec to go on the counter. I'm ASKING to be lef… https://t.co/payfELHdIf
8th December, 2017
Just had a fantastic 21 lap battle with just 2 of us in the race. Had me beat for the first half, then he made mist… https://t.co/PqwCSspgKY
8th December, 2017
@XboxSupport Just spent 15 minutes waiting to get into an endurance lobby, when it finally loaded I WAS THE ONLY ON… https://t.co/fR8mvrkGcA
7th December, 2017
I’d rather have a stable multiplayer then league racing #Forza7 #Turn10
7th December, 2017 #Turn10