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With plush faux leather seats that enhance the luxurious interiors, the #TUV300 is the only SUV in its category wit… https://t.co/BkYYmyWrZJ
15th January, 2018 #TUV300
My experience so far with #TUV300 says, if one is sensitive towards his family's safety should seriously think befo… https://t.co/NzRlnBBmo9
15th January, 2018 #TUV300
Hopeless vehicle #TUV300 makers just have no idea how to rectify issues if they do occur. I wish if they can only h… https://t.co/xm2ze0h61o
14th January, 2018 #TUV300
@anandmahindra Hello sir I m proud owner of TUV300.I want to do a tour of Himalayas and all over India… https://t.co/EdDT7VcdlG
12th January, 2018
Designed by legendary design house Pininfarina, the #TUV300 has plush interiors which underline its luxurious and p… https://t.co/WAiw0Cu00J
10th January, 2018 #TUV300
40K service 5 times (~20days) went back and forth to service centre. Still waiting for what happened. #tuv300 @anandmahindra
8th January, 2018 #tuv300