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@GraysonDolan and @EthanDolan me and my twin are 15 minutes apart because just like @GraysonDolan i was also stuck in the whom ❤️ #twinpower
19th July, 2017 #twinpower
Omg if this is true, the twins have the same birthday as Mary-Kate and Ashley! 😮 #TwinPower
18th July, 2017
It's crazy how @kde_nise and I both had a bad dream last night..we really have that connection even tho we're 100s of miles away #TwinPower
18th July, 2017
Lord Summer I wish u were here wid me cuz. We need to F*ck shii up #TwinPower #HiphopKings
17th July, 2017
If one of us has a pain the other will feel it too lol #twinpower,just kidding it's lame
17th July, 2017 #twinpower