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@wordsbydan Love this, man! As twins, we totally get the sibling-gaming thing :D #twinpower
4th December, 2016 #twinpower
@JasonToBeOne <<still ToBeOne? What about ToBeTwo!! #TwinPower πŸ’ͺThe past got u where u r now but u've got new chapters2move thru #KeepGoingπŸ€—
4th December, 2016
Rooted for @scottyspecial all the way through LI and done same for @adamthomas21 on I'm a celeb-love these boys πŸ’™ #TeamThomas #TwinPower
4th December, 2016
@ZLOTSNinja We might be in second, but I don't know about first. :S One can hope! Either way, it was fun reliving Seeker. :') #twinpower
3rd December, 2016 #twinpower
@BobrellaC this is definitely friendship goals. #twinpower. πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ
2nd December, 2016 #twinpower
@pc_993 I would never give up on you or us 😍😘😘❀️ #TwinPower
2nd December, 2016
Congrats to Annie and Ruthie Mitchell for being soccer and XC superstars! We'll miss you both tomorrow at our game.…
2nd December, 2016