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Golden* @Official_Ganesh 's movie wit #Uturn dir "Pawan Kumar" tentatively titled as C10 h14 n2 (Nicotine) !! https://t.co/IWLVnhTc4p
8th December, 2016 #Uturn
Excellent news for the U.K. Steel Industry, just need to ensure we can compete #steel #UTurn #engineeringhttps://t.co/OJClUUfbSy
7th December, 2016 #UTurn
Ladies, it truly feels as 2 min, time flies when #uTurn is gr8. @unisaradio @IAmZamar_ @mmasekoa28 @THABZONIC, 8-10a.m alarm set. tnx/enkosi
7th December, 2016 #uTurn
@Airtel_Presence Aftr upgrading to 4G sim, being told by ur cc exe dat offer isnt app 2 me. Thn Y on D earth msg wa… https://t.co/61v46nl8fp
7th December, 2016
Labour HoC motions gets little media attention despite its significance and fact Govt will not reject. #uturn https://t.co/UzE5aRqSF2
6th December, 2016 #uturn
Realizing and owning our mistakes is huge but to learn from them and take action to make a #uturn for a better life is freedom! #Wisdom
6th December, 2016 #uturn