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Attention all union workers: oppose corporate puppet Nancy Pelosi. Call you Democratic rep and tell them to oppose…
18th November, 2018
Thank you Mike Rhadigan for the amazing tour of the GM Hamtramck Assembly plant. . . . #generalmotors #automobile
18th November, 2018 #generalmotors
Maybe somebody could just stop this part. It doesnt take any investigating if he admits to doing it. #tesla
17th November, 2018 #tesla
These 3 weeks off my second job was sweet, but going back to a raise & other things thanx to the #UAW is 👌🏼.
15th November, 2018 #UAW
When the office manager came over MY shoulder and asked me to take the ROM exercises out of the chart, I assured he…
12th November, 2018
According to the California Medical Board it is illeagal to use Medical Assistants to replace highly trained medica…
11th November, 2018
Fucking hilarious...Is this your patent? The hammer & chisel? Or that special piece of foam? There were over 20 w…
11th November, 2018