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@Munsterrugby tribute&performance today is something you rarely see in Sport.It was refreshing.#Ulster singing TFOA- classy touch #emotions
23rd October, 2016 #Ulster
Ulster rugby fans sing The Fields of Athenry in honour of Axel. He did what nobody else could. He United Ireland! #Ulster #AnthonyFoley
22nd October, 2016 #Ulster
What a game in the @ChampionsCup #Exeter v #Ulster! Drop goal central in the last 5 minutes unbelievable! Credit to Ulster for the win πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
22nd October, 2016 #Ulster
He's only worn it a couple of months but @CPiutau is fast becoming one of the most exciting players to ever wear th… https://t.co/sWzffp5PKT
22nd October, 2016
Some result for #Ulster there, really had to ground that one out!
22nd October, 2016 #Ulster