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@RSsekandi Moses Ali 1st D/PM says the #UNSecurityCouncil shld not just look on as people suffer
24th February, 2017
@yarnellmark Please send all to the #UNSecurityCouncil to support the evidence already gathered by their investigators. Thank you very much👍
23rd February, 2017
@lawsportswhisky @AnneMcGibbs @ianbremmer @Vote_CNP the correct position is that every #UNSecurityCouncil veto holder needs an envoy early.
22nd February, 2017
Obviously every #UNSecurityCouncil veto holding member must have awareness and ties with any viable secession movem… https://t.co/t0GT52oa5K
22nd February, 2017
That's why the #UNSecurityCouncil should be called the #insecuritycouncil: 4/5 top arms dealers are 4/5 of that bod… https://t.co/wM2m63cTXR
22nd February, 2017
@MaryEllenJazwin US law wont govern secession in practice - if all but one #UNSecurityCouncil veto holders take your ambassador...you're in.
21st February, 2017