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Nice cross promotion from Channel Nine, with Travis Head reminding everyone of the upcoming showing of Chopper #Underbelly #AUSvENG
14th January, 2018 #Underbelly
GOOD win @dagger in Mirror Madness against @SurgicalGoblin. Was live on the steam for the Event. @ShredderCrhttps://t.co/uBgtpmodFG
13th January, 2018
Question... why is Neville Bartos now playing Alphons Gangitano.... I thought there was no cash here... 😂👌#Chopperhttps://t.co/4dTjGjU2DS
13th January, 2018
An article from a couple of months ago! Hard to believe book #9 and the follow up to The Devil is Smooth Like Honey… https://t.co/GawtzGV1Q5
12th January, 2018
I’m watching @professorgreen on working class white men. @professorgreen have you kept in contact with anyone from… https://t.co/leKiKyR7vK
12th January, 2018
Bora doesn’t seem, look, feel and smell good anymore. Only the sunsets are awesome. #underbelly https://t.co/TTNvhYEYxb
11th January, 2018 #underbelly
All this talk about gang violence problems in Vic, while @Channel9 continue to glorify their latest #Underbelly ser… https://t.co/3OWKdpkWBO
11th January, 2018 #Underbelly