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May have tweeted before how much I despise #unitedAIRLINES? Been sitting on runway in DC for 3 hrs Where's Chairman's flight when u need it?
11th December, 2016 #unitedAIRLINES
After a 3.5 hour delay you'd figure #unitedAIRLINES wouldn't charge for inflight entertainment. They are.
11th December, 2016 #unitedAIRLINES
#UnitedAirlines wants #travelers to pay to use overhead bins. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
11th December, 2016 #UnitedAirlines
#unitedairlines #unitedair there is a reason you made this list. The World’s Worst Airlines for Customer Service https://t.co/FsLEtpqf7V
11th December, 2016 #unitedairlines
U had to bend over hard for them to grant that to u. @United likes it that way cuz you're easier to 🔩.… https://t.co/cXB73pndDo
11th December, 2016
Thanks to the @united airlines agents Savitrie & Chuck in Albany for putting a smile on my little one's face… https://t.co/Qyy1K8hbEF
11th December, 2016