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@UnitedAirlines ua5444 is busted and I’m set to miss two connecting flights. Your CS team can’t figure out how to r… https://t.co/7WlvmZcQpV
15th December, 2018
Hey #9News #denver9 #UnitedAirlines Perhaps miss “expert” could read her own EMS Protocols...Then apologize to Unit… https://t.co/FNz78ouPeo
15th December, 2018 #UnitedAirlines
Note to self: unless you have a TSA pass, fly first class, and have miles to burn at the club... drive to DC from N… https://t.co/fY4k7Rv9RC
15th December, 2018
@united staring at my bags at the behind closed doors at baggage services at the Sioux Falls Airport and not a sing… https://t.co/CEZeU5bPdD
15th December, 2018
If only this cream helped with the pain of a 5 hr delay. 🙀 stono_creek_hemp #ouch #chicagobound #unitedairlineshttps://t.co/hsdTtO7XXp
15th December, 2018 #unitedairlines
@United Travel win - upgrade to 1st class, land 45 minutes early, and my bag was waiting at the carousel! Way to g… https://t.co/4YH6ByYWRZ
15th December, 2018