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#Hannity #UnNamed sources revel @JoeNBC Scarboro is desperate for attention and will say stupid things to remain re… https://t.co/iHfQrcXgA8
2nd June, 2017
Sen intel com has sent out multiple subpoenas to further this Russian investigation. Apparently we're not taking NYT word anymore. #unnamed
1st June, 2017 #unnamed
No. Once an official source announces the withdrawal on the record, I will believe it. The media have put me off… https://t.co/La4bcPw9mT
31st May, 2017
@JackPosobiec @LANURSE1 I say @POTUS does this everyday at 4:30pm est time to Trump the #FakeNewsMedia that release… https://t.co/L69Sbi0QrY
31st May, 2017