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@ericbolling @FoxNews Eric someone should investigate the mainstream media colluding with Russians to destroy America #unnamed sources
13th July, 2017 #unnamed
@IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump Laura someone should investigate the idea that the mainstream media is colluding wi… https://t.co/4Anp6MCBTI
13th July, 2017
@charliekirk11 @S_meredith88 Awe... you mean it wasn't leaked by #unnamed sources? Geez better luck next time #FakeNews
12th July, 2017 #unnamed
Listening to @cos1ma's new single #UnNamed, such an amazing song!! 👍🏻 https://t.co/mEKtmsooRf
11th July, 2017
@CillizzaCNN #unnamed sources... But seriously. https://t.co/RaDphFE4hH.BELIEVES.THIS. @realDonaldTrump is just trying to deflect and avert
7th July, 2017 #unnamed
@CNN Don't even know why I gave you a click, more biased reporting, #UnNamed sources. Give it up @CNN you're toast
6th July, 2017