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The time is right for #NatureDesks “And—surprise!—some of the most beneficial things a company can do for its worke… https://t.co/Ocv5389dfC
20th November, 2017
Longing for summer, so an indoor gardening session it is! • • • • • #pancakeplant #plantlover #indoorgardeninghttps://t.co/NceTpgG43U
16th November, 2017
We have some good news to share: All over the world, city centres are becoming greener! #COP23 #UrbanGreenhttps://t.co/r61TPS09sO
16th November, 2017
Light dusting of snow on this live planted wall. Love this #flexmse #urbangreen installation! #backtonature https://t.co/j8UgXvmtuo
15th November, 2017
#urbangreen? recycling yes but about the aesthetics one can argue https://t.co/YwaQW4Ne0P
12th November, 2017
Just back from a walk-run to Headingley with 12yo, we see a TV ad for 'London-in-Autumn'. Probably best focused els… https://t.co/8T44XZgJ4r
11th November, 2017
Download presentations: 20 years #bioswales in The Netherlands (Dutch: wadis): https://t.co/QTSghV2RRn More than 15… https://t.co/ZezbuUaCy4
11th November, 2017