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160 years after the elevator's invention, disruptive tech has finally arrived. #urbanmobility https://t.co/nybDmiLh78
19th October, 2017
Some great insights on the future of #urbanmobility today at the @UITPnews #MaaS workshop!
18th October, 2017
Japan is testing self-driving buses for the elderly in rural areas https://t.co/iTMK3euwFc #UrbanMobility https://t.co/8IHIMBJ6t1
18th October, 2017
Great discussion on the Future of #UrbanMobility with experts CarloRatti & Luca de Meo SEATofficial https://t.co/LrBJQkdcgQ  #SmartMobility
18th October, 2017 #SmartMobility
Whats happening locally in UK cities #UrbanMobility? Lack of assessment, impact, scaling, joined up thinking… https://t.co/eJb3k27kjN
18th October, 2017