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International travellers have another taxi app option - Tnooz https://t.co/chS4eyN2ZO #UrbanMobility
21st March, 2017
How the capital commutes: London map shows the flow of cars and bikes on city streets https://t.co/01hUi1QcFj #urbanmobility
21st March, 2017
Uber Rivals From Dubai, China Team Up for Ride-Hailing Alliance https://t.co/FTHjqgKJv7 #Careem #UrbanMobility
21st March, 2017
Looking to learn about Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans? @interregeurope provides a policy brief https://t.co/mvsUrEjtic #urbanmobility
21st March, 2017
With more than 28,000 people crossing every month, the @BLOX_KBH pedestrian bridge in #cph is a success… https://t.co/4PLlokljgq
20th March, 2017
With Mobile App Rewards for #Cycling and Walking, Would You Continue to Drive? https://t.co/8k5AzsNsS2 via… https://t.co/P8n1fUhotb
20th March, 2017 #Cycling