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Really to do business with US DOT? If you are a minority, let us help you apply for the #USDOT #DBE certification.
18th June, 2018 #USDOT
Still trapped on @AmericanAir plane ✈️ Landed 30 minutes, that’s half an hour ago Still sitting with no gate in sight #usdot
18th June, 2018 #usdot
At 10:30am @ITS_STI - don't miss Pascal Volet's presentation on “San Diego I-15 ATDM/DMA Testbed Evaluation Results…
18th June, 2018
Mobileye’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology: The Future of Transportation, Pt. 1 #USDOT #ArcGIS
16th June, 2018 #USDOT
Trucking industry : Is that meaning these #ATA asshole & his members [large fleet #carriers] rules all regulations…
15th June, 2018 #carriers
Final Reminder: $1.5 Billion in discretionary grant funding is available from U.S. Department of Transportation. Ap…
15th June, 2018
@SunCountryAir our bag, with my wife’s medication, has been missing for 8 hours, and staff don’t have a clue where…
15th June, 2018
#DSRC is a life-saving technology, able to transmit a safety message 10 times per second, far more quickly than the…
14th June, 2018