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Why BJP members involve in #anti-Hindu activities, a case of Bajpur, #BJP looted the temple money fraudulently, Tem… https://t.co/ZaIK78ecqu
27th October, 2016 #anti
81% of #Uttarakhand CHCs don’t qualify under Union @health ministry’s grading criteria https://t.co/5iI2s5DUpA via @TOICitiesNews
27th October, 2016
Domestic violence is a person gaining power & control over another by Making light of abuse https://t.co/iQYUSROGll #Uttarakhand
27th October, 2016
@yogeshkumarTOI Ministers, MLAs giviing money to people (read voters)..I know about Haldwani;story same in all #Uttarakhand & across parties
26th October, 2016