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Tracking shows @wayne_matlock now out front physically and on corrected time, with @murray1917 in 2nd physically.… https://t.co/a0UXnNhRQ2
17th November, 2018
Just got back to service. Mike Cafro was out front physically at RM177 around 4:45pm. @wayne_matlock had him on c… https://t.co/pFR32rAMjB
17th November, 2018
@jaggedxracing suffered a mechanical issue at RM12, putting them about an hour and a half behind the pack.… https://t.co/6daSUWlroS
17th November, 2018
@DynamicRacing once again takes over stage with shirts, hats, buffs and stickers for all the race fans in #Ensenadahttps://t.co/Tnw5XQC5VU
16th November, 2018
#Baja1000. Who you got? We have a day off tomorrow to prepare for war. Race day is Friday. Let’s do this! #UTVUnderground
15th November, 2018 #Baja1000
Had a blast #prerunning with @fox, @kristenmatlock and @wayne_matlock the last 4 days. Tech tomorrow, rest day Thu… https://t.co/hC0uqZkqLg
14th November, 2018