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Croatian lawmakers have backed a treaty safeguarding women and girls in the face of right-wing and Catholic opposit… https://t.co/4CYYI8ZoqH
19th April, 2018
Some of the team ready and excited for our grad film '51' to go into post-production! 😊👍🎥🎬 @UWE_FILM @ARRIChannelhttps://t.co/aY3dlLb5hu
18th April, 2018
The suns out and so are our new posters! We’re also announcing our competition winner soon, so keep an eye out and… https://t.co/pyES5FKvDX
18th April, 2018
That's a wrap for our grad film '51' 😊 Well done everyone involved! 👍🎥🎬 @UWE_FILM @ARRIChannel @UWE_FILMSTUDENT… https://t.co/MZnVgGnHFo
18th April, 2018
Great to have such wonderful opportunities for Inter-Professional Sim here at #UWE Glenside campus. https://t.co/SUMoZk5PJh
18th April, 2018 #UWE
Well happy that #UWE has been shortlisted in two categories (Initiative of the Year and the Innovation Award) at th… https://t.co/wF6431VmzF
17th April, 2018 #UWE
So lovely visit #Chantal #Uwe @models_1 #classicsdivision for a chat & to update my digitals & video for a potenti… https://t.co/fwHfDum3pS
17th April, 2018 #Uwe