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You can have the best striker in the world but will win nothing with a shit defence #VanDyke
23rd June, 2017
"Be glad of life because gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and look up at the stars" #VanDyke
22nd June, 2017
@talkSPORT @marksaggers feel @mickquinn1089 being a bit hypocritical regards to #vandyke if it was Liverpool/Newcastle b moaning like a b!
22nd June, 2017 #vandyke
Imagine taking advice from @Realaldo474 and ending up in a worse position 😂😂 #strike #vandyke #nobhead
22nd June, 2017 #vandyke
@heavyseas Are you bracing for not guilty verdict in #VanDyke #LaQuan murder trial ? Bet Kim Foxx not looking at 40…
20th June, 2017