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80% discount on Oviraptor VDS is waiting for you. Choose Quarterly immediately and get a discount with oviraptor3mo… https://t.co/W1wgVqslY1
25th January, 2018
Are you having a good Saturday? If you are in Cape Town why not visit one of the many beautiful vineyards? #vdshttps://t.co/PqPtdP31qO
20th January, 2018 #vds
Wouldn't this be a beautiful sight to wake up to? Luckily its almost harvest season so the vines don't look this sa… https://t.co/OK6kSiZh7L
19th January, 2018
Don't worry the weekend is almost here. How will you spend it? Here's a suggestion #weekend #Thursday #glass #vdshttps://t.co/xJ6xnZ8GOa
18th January, 2018 #vds
Imagine getting a chance to walk down here? We would be in heaven. How about you? #cellar #barrel #undergroundhttps://t.co/ksE5rKj7we
17th January, 2018 #underground
On average 1 vine produces 10 bottles of wine. It's a good thing there are around 258 million vines in South Africa… https://t.co/wuVglAcjNb
17th January, 2018
You can support #vSAN with a #vDS and network underlay. Check it out in our vSAN 💯 series: https://t.co/EnnOE4Nun6 https://t.co/tnosJNIG8x
17th January, 2018 #vDS
around 2-5% of a barrels content evaporates while in a barrel. This is called the angel's share. #barrel #angelhttps://t.co/f3I3YGOwWq
16th January, 2018