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@TheSquidBoyLike I remember the match now, but don't remember it if that makes sense. Watching now, love the Network. #VFM
11th January, 2017 #VFM
As LAs undertake strategic review of #SEND high needs block funding in 2017 - hope they will consider recent research & diverse #VfM models
10th January, 2017 #VfM
#VFM Suggest a re-release for the Lindsay Anderson Satire - Britannia Hospital https://t.co/Ek2PlmwdHw
9th January, 2017 #VFM
@BhamCityCouncil Can BCC persuade Centro to invest in cycling infrastructure around stations rather than building more car parking? #VFM
9th January, 2017 #VFM
Using #OnePlus3T for the past week. Must say it has more than made up for the disappearance of Nexus. Quality hardware & software at #VFM.
9th January, 2017 #VFM