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#vicroads mates from interstate that went through monash fwy works on motorcycles and was very difficult on yellow lines too confusing
22nd February, 2017 #vicroads
Back to the good old days of 1960s & Country Roads Board: Highway upgrade suspended over #VicRoads planning blunder
21st February, 2017
Great to see the Vic Roads team out and about getting feedback on the planned road proposals in our area. #vicroads
20th February, 2017 #vicroads
#FultonHogan #VicRoads new lights at CottonMills still not safe nor indicating to lawless bike riders a blind driveway. Bike fatality soon
20th February, 2017
VIC roads are already congested with peak hours extended. This is just going to make things worse!! #VicRoads
17th February, 2017
Road works on Calder fwy near thunder dome during peak hour traffic 😡😡#poorplanning #vicroads
16th February, 2017 #vicroads
#vicroads advising motorists to avoid area w 3 lanes closed inbound on Monash Fwy @Stud Rd. Major delays expected use Princes Hwy instead
14th February, 2017 #vicroads
MONASH FWY: HORROR SMASH IB at Stud Rd - Car and truck Car is cut in half - All emerg crews on the way - terrible scene #vicroads
14th February, 2017 #vicroads
@BassCoast If Inverloch is a holiday destination Maybe its time to Teach people How to Stop at a STOP Sign A'Beckett Street 😳#Vicroads
14th February, 2017 #Vicroads