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Op-Ed: KSA needs outside help for #Vision2030 reform, despite twitter backlash over foreign jobs #السعوديون_اولى
6th February, 2017 #Vision2030
Op-Ed: KSA will need friends, and teachers, as it learns to interact with the world in a new way for #Vision2030, writes @frankkanedubai
6th February, 2017 #Vision2030
Is 44 000 acres the question? Ranchers versus locals, Drought vs Politics? @UKenyatta breaking #vision2030 barriers
6th February, 2017 #vision2030
#الاستزراع_المائي Agric Counsellor present promising Dutch RAS in KSA to be in line with #vision2030 projects
5th February, 2017 #vision2030
Call for proposals for collaborative research feasibility study for the ICT Kenya today Innovation support project. #vision2030 @FShiluli
4th February, 2017 #vision2030
A market-led economy will hand Saudi Arabia the tools to ensure its sustainability, today and beyond.…
3rd February, 2017
Saudi Arabia: after first milestone of 9.5 GW in 2023, "tens of gigawatts of renewables" to come. The giant is awakening. #Vision2030
2nd February, 2017 #Vision2030