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@VisionZeroSF I'm with you, but how would you prevent them? Lowering crime? Speedbumps? #VisionZero
21st October, 2016 #VisionZero
@sfcta @sfbike In this survey safe streets means #VisionZero, safe people means MKTG and safe vehicles means what? Horrible
21st October, 2016 #VisionZero
lacking drain capacity when no clog> 4 lane freeway 55mph, bike lane mud for 6 months not #visionZero
21st October, 2016 #visionZero
Speed kills Reduced speed limits make everyone safer, including drivers. #VisionZero
21st October, 2016 #VisionZero
@Ammarooni @jen_keesmaat @subversivexpat @twhitfit yup. Bikes need separation from vehicles. Plus safer intersections & #VisionZero policy
21st October, 2016 #VisionZero
Most quadbike deaths involve roll-over. Stop blaming victims: look into vehicle design. @RACSurgeons #visionzero
21st October, 2016 #visionzero