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Dormition Eparchial Cathedral – is an outstanding monument of Rus before the Mongol-Tatar Invasion, dating from 118… https://t.co/DAQiWqxJhd
9th November, 2017
@realDonaldTrump Big Thanks to #Vladimir and the #Russians... I mean the honest, hard-working people who legitimately voted for you.
8th November, 2017 #Vladimir, #Russians
@realDonaldTrump Don't forget your boyfriend, Vlad and the country of Russia. You always leave your your #BFFhttps://t.co/Zz2tYRGfNt
8th November, 2017
11 Continent $ Nations Asia,Africa,North America,South America,Europe,Australia,Antarctica,Arctic and rest are ther… https://t.co/Rc1RuBux9R
8th November, 2017