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From the notebook: Storys around opener #VLN @nuerburgring Read all the storys here on https://t.co/BDVcRIyaA3https://t.co/YDXPt0rHbh
27th March, 2017 #VLN
The Glickenhaus SCG003C was running really well, chased here by the Black Falcon AMG GT3 late in the race. #VLN https://t.co/FebCLQ9Uwn
27th March, 2017 #VLN
Great to see the Falken Porsche fighting for the lead until the very end of the race. Looks like 1 more contender f… https://t.co/UjFGVsZuTk
27th March, 2017
AMG GT3 high speed close up. Really like the new livery of this beast, great job by @berzerkdesign. #VLN https://t.co/UzvmEmCLQt
26th March, 2017 #VLN
Another busy weekend for @tom_blomqvist as development on the BMW M6 GT3 continues at the Nurburgring #TeamMBP #VLNhttps://t.co/EULA2OxPer
26th March, 2017 #VLN
@markuspalttala There is another race to come for improvement before the 24h 👍 #vln #nring
26th March, 2017 #vln