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@rwilliams254 @DeAndreHopkins @espn @AZCardinals you MIGHT have had "action" til you called someone"garbage"... imm… https://t.co/RoxPcxWsgL
26th October, 2020
The Cardinals are undefeated in games on days when my guy @DeAndreHopkins gives two middle fingers to a caravan of… https://t.co/5wMEwssIGS
26th October, 2020
Just an Aussie Gamer doing Aussie Gamer things. ROCKET LEAGUE. VROOM VROOM BASH. LIVE NOW! Can I hit that 100 foll… https://t.co/knrNG8P9Cb
25th October, 2020
@vroomcars What you get is terrible customer service and empty promises. Say No to #vroom
25th October, 2020 #vroom