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Got to tour the new Training and Education Center and we can't wait for this building to open! Here's a little look… https://t.co/hBT3bvczaY
13th September, 2017
Will some touch up paint be enough to solve this or will the rust keep eating? just saw it today #s2000 #Honda #s2khttps://t.co/S7I9RD8104
13th September, 2017 #Honda
Before trading in my old vehicle I made sure to transfer this decal to the S. Looks better here actually. #s2000https://t.co/K6vvbgKZaB
12th September, 2017
New stock in this week - 1.0 Turbo Smart Plus and 1.5 Turbo GT. Book your Test Drive: 045531000… https://t.co/yfBAiJC8OG
12th September, 2017