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Alexa, Movie Time. Turn your TV on and close your shades with a simple voice command with the VTi Smart Hub Scenes… https://t.co/r7BSCxBfM1
17th October, 2018
Vanguard total stock market ETF<200MA It's a ticking bomb of illiquidity Can create large events in the market… https://t.co/7o91ewbp3G
15th October, 2018
$VTI another lovely bottom?? RSI divergence popped out of downtrend resistance. Look for break of 0.190.. Volume in… https://t.co/kxFpKamFhB
14th October, 2018
A #VTI pass-out messaged me saying that 77 of them who are temporarily working at a private company haven't receive… https://t.co/o66M3JNtmo
12th October, 2018 #VTI
@Dakota_Jacobsen Put it all in #VTI and check back in a few decades. You’ll win I promise.
11th October, 2018 #VTI