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I had a Valentine's Day date to grad school classes on my motorcycle. #kawasaki #vulcans
15th February, 2018 #kawasaki, #vulcans
@Mika_Tan @TheRealNimoy We can learn a lot from #Vulcans if we just take the time to listen
15th February, 2018 #Vulcans
After an unsuccessful start, the basketball men hold with a strong defense. After the third quarter the team recove…
15th February, 2018
Cosplay Lineup: Yukicon 5.0 ・・・ SAT: grumpy old men a.k.a. The Vulcan High Council (with Gridcosplay & Janimal) SU…
12th February, 2018
Went to see the Vulcan Snow Park today! So fun. Next time I will borrow a little kid! 😊 This is the Giant Snow Slid…
12th February, 2018
These guys kinda scare me, but he was nice enough to stop during the parade and take a selfie! #WinterCarnival
11th February, 2018
I made it to the showroom. Now all that’s left is for me to how to ride this #VulcanS. Thank you #Kawasaki!
11th February, 2018 #VulcanS, #Kawasaki