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For the first time in about 20 years, Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant is producing a model of another #VWGroup brand:… https://t.co/1Yj9NBKzCO
17th October, 2018 #VWGroup
Lloyds Autobody Liverpool’s Branch Manager and VWG Approval Lead, in attendance today at the Volkswagen Paint & Bod… https://t.co/sdtKJTtBYK
17th October, 2018
With the advancement of vehicle technology it is becoming more and more imperative not only having highly trained a… https://t.co/20Qw3uFj4J
12th October, 2018
VW Group global sales fell by 18% in September to 828k units. Even if WLTP explains a big part of the drop (Europe… https://t.co/GJVz2x5elJ
12th October, 2018