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Rainy night 🌌🌧️ | Blau Derp 🚗 ________________________________________ @volkswagen_mx @GTIMTY_ @vwpolography vwbuil… https://t.co/qzHpFcthGe
14th December, 2018
This new Polo GTI is pretty fun to drive, I hate to say. But how does it compare to the Ford Fiesta ST? Find out i… https://t.co/lnHI8TRztN
6th December, 2018
Vrrrrrrr pha (but in a small voice). Yes, it's true. I've taken hold of the new Volkswagen Polo GTI. #Volkswagenhttps://t.co/qPS0p87Xit
5th December, 2018 #Volkswagen
Last week was a very special day for me as baronsn1city lined up my special surprise for me, didn’t expect this and… https://t.co/KLtpeXYPyp
5th December, 2018
All grown up! The new Polo GTI shares the same engine with it's bigger brother, the Golf GTI. Films coming soon --… https://t.co/xTpQQbfV60
5th December, 2018