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Day 1 of the @VWCanadaTDI claims in Canada and already the site has crashed. Hopefully this isn't indicative of things to come! #vwscandal
28th April, 2017
@cleanenergycan Good. VW has demonstrated it is untrustworthy via #VWScandal. They need to work hard to regain trust.
28th April, 2017
VW scandals continue. Turn in my car and they haven't paid my lender for nearly 1 month!!! @VW #vwscandal #buyback #Dieselgate
25th April, 2017 #Dieselgate
97.5 percent of Volkswagen diesel owners have chosen buyback, not repair https://t.co/1ZbZgVoeqv @motorists #VWScandal #DrivinginAmerica
24th April, 2017