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#VW sustainability reports have hinted at problems..Only 2% of their 2010 report was devoted to non-carbon gases' e… https://t.co/n07zqlUIYK
18th June, 2018 #VW
VW committed the biggest 'CRIME' in business ever; literally killed people. Read up about it, really worth it… https://t.co/eFVfMoTt55
16th June, 2018
@jstackmann They also just got fined 1 billion euros for cheating emissions tests #VWScandal
15th June, 2018
Dale Bell being interviewed at Climate Fest Santa Monica 2018, speaking about our new film Backfired: When VW Lied… https://t.co/Ifh5xKBjUb
15th June, 2018
Probe into alleged VW market manipulation could wrap up this year, German prosecutors say. #Dieselgate #VWScandalhttps://t.co/nfyYQ40IYR
14th June, 2018 #Dieselgate
What do the betrayed customers get whose cars are virtually worthless and will be prevented to drive into cities wi… https://t.co/gsonfj7rPv
14th June, 2018
This is really important - if you feel you have been affected by the VW scandal, don't miss out on claiming compens… https://t.co/RlEBLQWcPF
12th June, 2018