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If #VW CEO Diess read Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Saga, he wouldn't find it so hard to believe that CEOs… https://t.co/67sKNLKjBB
6th July, 2018 #VW
It's not good for the #Volkswagen brand. But the longer they fight, the longer their senior managers continue to re… https://t.co/fa4IlO4BFk
6th July, 2018 #Volkswagen
VW Loses Legal Bid to Keep Diesel Scandal Report Under Wraps. This could be a major turning point in on-going.… https://t.co/u4TB0LGr03
6th July, 2018
One wonders, was the researching spending on product innovation....or innovative ways of cheating on diesel emissio… https://t.co/su8L2Uhxmj
4th July, 2018
I partially agree with you @OscarDS. It was bad leadership based on greed, self-interests, and the lack of outside… https://t.co/bhp0lVphxP
2nd July, 2018
#Volkswagen CEO Diess finds it hard to believe a CEO can go to jail. Perhaps if he'd read Leadership Lessons from t… https://t.co/oJM64XJXq7
2nd July, 2018 #Volkswagen
#Responsibility #Ethics and #Accountabilty all demand that CEOs go to jail for deliberate violations of the law.… https://t.co/iFUoyuiP1L
1st July, 2018
Behind the eight ball here but DIRTY MONEY on Netflix is a must watch! @alexgibneyfilm you’re inspiring. Thank you… https://t.co/QVGa02DkbX
30th June, 2018
Wonder if he still thinks it was just a couple of "rogue engineers" who caused Dieselgate? #dieselskandalhttps://t.co/dTWT3ZxPkB
29th June, 2018