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we was treated to quite a nice end to the day at woolley view point in wakefield @BBCWthrWatchers @Hudsonweatherhttps://t.co/qr4NCdHmYd
23rd February, 2018
The production team behind ITV show The Voice is heading to #Wakefield in search of talented solo artists and duos.… https://t.co/CpGCeXMQtE
23rd February, 2018 #Wakefield
New roofs and full refurbishment of available units at Beckbridge Industrial Estate #Normanton #Yorkshire close to… https://t.co/K6bm0W0p84
23rd February, 2018 #Yorkshire
"We don't really watch TV. Just @Youtube ." Had the honour of leading a workshop on #Vlogging today & wow what tale… https://t.co/5fhUgF8D1h
22nd February, 2018
Smiley happy dogs😊 how happy does Milly look enjoying the sun! And the girls (labs and Vizla) are always happy when… https://t.co/PgdsKnQYvR
22nd February, 2018