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@npnewcastle Police all over #Walker and Air Ambulance landing? What’s going on?
21st October, 2018 #Walker
@BradSchimel I’m a diehard conservative yet the way you and #walker have politicized the criminal justice system in… https://t.co/9ap7r4ldns
21st October, 2018 #walker
Saturday, October 20, 2018 I walked 8,111 Steps. Duration 1:22:36 Distance 4.069 mi Calories 400.6 kcal #walker https://t.co/L9X69hyOXH
21st October, 2018 #walker
It was a great day of ball! ⚾️ we took second place, but these boys played their hearts out! I’m so proud of them… https://t.co/VqEBNfMoTy
21st October, 2018