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So much bs #fakenews from $NWS News Corp Murdoch #FakeNews #nypost regarding $ASNA Ascena retail no wonder none rea… https://t.co/trYFop4457
18th November, 2019
Oh boy! So much for the hearsay defense. #WallStreetJournal deserves a Pulitzer for their reporting https://t.co/i7Jo4ZruSr
18th November, 2019 #WallStreetJournal
Very nice! Repost @wsj Pen & ink stipple portraits / hedcuts created for The Wall Street Journal… https://t.co/VUz9v1ylS3
18th November, 2019
From those nice people at #Google Oh dear - it would appear that all is not what that it says it is. I suggest you… https://t.co/yGGqBGsrHP
17th November, 2019 #Google
Two good newspaper columns, NY Times ‘Sunday Routine’ and Weekend Wall Street Journal ‘My Tech Essentials’ #nytimeshttps://t.co/PrmdJoXBVD
17th November, 2019