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As noted in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, people are finally talking about Croatia (Ljudi govore o Hrvatskoj)… https://t.co/YKxhbwRGhe
15th July, 2018
People were that stupid that they didn’t know what it meant why should I be surprised at this. #ihop #wallstreetjournal
15th July, 2018 #wallstreetjournal
@RawStory @WSJ Rupert Murdoch doesn't give a damn about America. Britain either, for that matter. #FOXNews and… https://t.co/45e6qIBx99
15th July, 2018
@ProudResister The election is over – Russian aggression is not – Russian aggression is against American interests… https://t.co/VagRgfZqu1
14th July, 2018
Trump is destroying NATO ~ Allowing Russian aggression Central Europe – central Europe is worth fighting for and so… https://t.co/mmulMwQhZO
14th July, 2018
See as anything wrong with this full page #Starbucks and in the #WallStreetJournal? Hint... It's banned in… https://t.co/hHgi2HcKFy
14th July, 2018 #Starbucks, #WallStreetJournal