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Maleos use geothermal energy to incubate their eggs by sensing where the temperature is most suitable for incubatio… https://t.co/pZEce1aiEh
21st February, 2018
Join 12 people right now at "Denny Hamlin explains Daytona 500 conflict with Bubba Wallace" #cheers #sportshttps://t.co/ElZvOE6q5f
21st February, 2018 #sports
Join 9 people right now at "Daytona 500 Runner-Up Bubba Wallace Needed One Chance To Show What He Can Do" #cheershttps://t.co/H9p1PTNmSN
20th February, 2018
Throw🔙Tuesday?? Wallace RA, Jackiee, has taken a picture in front of her freshman room in the Tower every year of h… https://t.co/5d8oOWVli3
20th February, 2018