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I was late watching #AgentsofSHIELD this week but I have to say it's left me with so many feelings #Ward #Trip https://t.co/NjEsTprrr6
28th April, 2017 #Ward
@TW_Broker O so jealous!!! Yes I've admired their stuff for a long time! And their fellow #ward residents, making them even cooler!!
28th April, 2017 #ward
I'm really looking forward to that $5.40 exacta coming our way in R5 at Keeneland. #Ward/Pletcher
27th April, 2017 #Ward
@ShieldTVFans I got it they can make a new #ward with the machine Ada and Fitz made haha #SaveWard @IMBrettDalton @AgentsofSHIELD ❤❤
27th April, 2017 #ward
Here is our blog on how we believe ISO27001 can help manage GDPR compliance. https://t.co/R1ZnLr91iu #ISO27001https://t.co/mTVb2Y71Xo
27th April, 2017