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Trans-Israel Pipeline (Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline; Tipline https://t.co/emcePyrtjY "In 2016 a Swiss court ruled that I… https://t.co/vWBf9zeCoH
2nd May, 2018
@Zorkmid34 @ThePlumLineGS I am well aware of all of this. I am sick and tired of American's and the damage they hav… https://t.co/Q09iAVWD6w
2nd May, 2018
@CasaChichi We never learn our lessons from all these Senseless #Wars.
2nd May, 2018 #Wars
Ongoing conflicts , civil wars that has been muted to the imaginary world that we all live in. People need to wake… https://t.co/mkSOBSyADT
2nd May, 2018