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#WATCH this from the 355th Fighter Wing! Captain Ody Wilton performs a vertical 540 maneuver during a practice flig… https://t.co/3B1Q3QcfuK
27th February, 2018
I prefer the #Warthog... I think that is as close as one can get to the perfect killing weapon... https://t.co/LXCwZ71ryf
27th February, 2018 #Warthog
I am in a nostalgic mood and I felt like sharing photos from my time in Zimbabwe a few years ago. This warthog was… https://t.co/NqQIx7xxEA
26th February, 2018
Stumbled upon a #lioness with a cub feasting on a #warthog Some may find it a bit disturbing… https://t.co/2papPO6uDs
26th February, 2018 #warthog
Be still my heart - what my son’s late father flew in Desert Storm and now at our base @SANGBOpenHouse @127Winghttps://t.co/mncBaTTiQ5
26th February, 2018
The greatest close air support aircraft ever built. #BadAss🇺🇸 #Warthog https://t.co/msBDdx8tAo
25th February, 2018 #Warthog