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Just caught up on @RealTimers with @billmaher & saw our beloved governor @GovInslee! Very cute how he praised… https://t.co/4Y7OvntUTQ
23rd April, 2018
#Special Olympics #Washingtonstate regional meet they disqualified swimmers for swimming faster then they qualified… https://t.co/QAiEA1hisG
23rd April, 2018 #Washingtonstate
@MayorJenny Interesting strategy, fi there is one, from Trump. Leave it to the States. Huge issues with that. Then… https://t.co/PCTXWioWRK
23rd April, 2018
#WashingtonState is named after the first #President of USA. How many other are states named after people? Find out… https://t.co/cwtsiuOLZ6
23rd April, 2018 #WashingtonState
The latest Check With Me is here! Come see @MarkSchofield's newest article, which ranks his 10th - 6th quarterbacks… https://t.co/1w915ouwgA
23rd April, 2018