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LTC Christine Mau speaking at the Air & Space Museum - first woman to fly @thef35 - talks about being inspired by t… https://t.co/0ehJ0ut7CA
7th October, 2016
"This photo of #WASP is centerpiece at my office" @usairforce Lt Col Christine Mau @airandspace @GEAviation Lecture… https://t.co/SXFfvAQIYf
7th October, 2016 #WASP
Thank you dedicated staff of the #NationalWASPWWIIMuseum for your interest in the book, "To Live and Die a WASP."… https://t.co/m0lIvy5juh
7th October, 2016
Crazy beautiful little parasitic #Wasp! I can't pin down an ID so we'll just call it "Pararrific!" #becurious https://t.co/3lEenG93yp
7th October, 2016 #Wasp